“Unlike sex toys, clean up is universal.”

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Most adult products are used before or during sex, but there are only few that are called into action after the deed is done. The products of company AnnaRae, however, do fall into this category: towels designed specifically for cleaning up after sex. We were curious to learn more about the idea that spawned these products and to find out what makes them so suitable for this purpose, so we asked Anna, the founder of AnnaRae, for an interview.

Anna B. Founder and owner of AnnaRae

AnnaRae is a young startup company in the erotic market that just released its first product – a special towel for cleanup after sex. Before we talk more about your innovation, could you tell us a bit more about yourself?
Anna: “Do whatever brings you to life, then: follow your own fascinations, obsessions, and compulsions. Trust them. Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart.” Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. AnnaRae is part of my life, my fascination, and my joy. I must give praise to my AnnaRae team; we are a fun-loving, sexy bunch over at AnnaRae; they share my enthusiasm, collaborate on ideas, and through this business, we’ve become our own unique family.

On a personal level, I relish learning new tricks or trying my hands at new projects. Things like building our 7’ dining room table, taking Aerial silk/belly dance classes, acquiring a new tattoo, baking and indulging my sweet tooth, and cycling or exploring in Europe, all nourish my soul and feed my yearning for daring adventure.

How did you come up with the idea for the Aftercare Towels?
I’ve been married to my High School sweetheart for 12 years, and we kept special monogrammed hand towels on hand for clean up after sex. In December of 2015, friends shared their experience of helping with a move and discovering wads of rags and Kleenex under the master bed. We lamented the lack of quality clean up products on the market. The more we discussed the problem, the more we realized, why not create something ourselves? Ideas began to flow and take shape so that by February 2017, I launched AnnaRae first with the Companion towel and then releasing the Cuddle Bean that Fall.

What makes your towels especially suited for their purpose and why doesn’t a normal towel or wipe do the trick?
The dual plush microfiber fabric that we have chosen for the Cumpanion and Cuddle Bean towels is made from a polyester/nylon blend of fibers that are 1/5 the diameter of the average high-quality cotton fiber. This much smaller fiber size produces a fabric that is not only much softer on the skin than any cotton fabric but also has the super-absorbent qualities that microfiber fabrics are renowned for.

Could you tell us a bit more about the design and the characteristics of the product? How exactly does it look and feel and why did you opt for these properties?
Our microfiber towels are made from a dual plush fabric so soft it bears a resemblance to kitten fur; we even use our towels in sensory play. We went for our signature oval shape partly because we wanted a unique design, and partly because it’s pleasant to handle and more ergonomic. The pocket on the Cumpanion is designed to allow the wetted portion of the towel to be folded up inside neatly. It also can be used as a buffer for lovers who like wand style massagers but need to soften the intensity of the vibes.

Right now, the Aftercare Towels are available in the variants “Cuddle Bean” and “Cumpanion”. How do they and their use cases differ from each other?
The main difference in the two products is size: our medium towel, the Cumpanion, is hand towel size (15” x 24”), large enough to lay horizontally under the hips to add protection to surfaces, and the Cumpanion features a reversible pocket on one end. It is especially effective for our female customers who squirt, being large enough to accommodate all but the more exuberant squirters!

Our Cuddle Bean is smaller in size (8″ x 13″), similar to a washcloth. After I masturbate, I don’t always need the full length the Cumpanion provides for clean up. The Cuddle Bean’s design takes up less room which is perfect when traveling, so you don’t have to resort to hotel cotton towels for sex clean up.

Even though the Aftercare Towels can be used by everybody after sex, do you have a certain target audience in mind, that might find them especially appealing?
Unlike sex toys that can be geared to specific audiences, clean up is universal. Whether you play alone, with a partner(s), engaged in a kink scene, or giving a massage/back rub, there is some type of clean-up involved. Being as sex-positive as we can possibly be is extremely important to us, so we have tried to be very inclusive: LGBTQIA+, binary, monogamous, polyamorous… we believe it’s important to promote love and healthy sexuality to EVERYONE!

Will we see additional forms and sizes in the future?
Yes, you will! Our next planned product, the Cumforter, is going to be throw blanket size and fluid proof. The idea is to offer the same plushness of microfiber but the added protection for an entire bed or sofa during liquid play or more enthusiastic squirting activity! The Cumforter is still in the early stages of development so we do not have a product release date at this time.

You started selling the Aftercare Towels not too long ago. How happy are you with the start of your business so far?
We’re very pleased! One of our focuses has been to build our customer base through social media, and today we have an incredibly supportive community consisting of customers, fellow sex-positive business owners, bloggers/product reviewers, and friends. We are ecstatic at the prospect of attending a number of sex-positive events and expos, including The Lone Star Spanking Party in Houston, TX which will be our first vending event!

Are you working together with distributors or planning to do so? Where could European retailers buy your products if they’d like to sell them in their stores?
Split Peaches and Entice Me are two of our US-based distributors. The tricky part for us is keeping our low pricing for customers but still being able to partner with other businesses. We are not yet able to successfully collaborate with UK distributors simply because of the overwhelming customs fees. I’m hoping to find a solution soon because we have a number of great friends with businesses in the UK who would like to work with us.

What are your plans for the future of AnnaRae and the Cumpanion towels? Are you planning to continue along the line of after sex care products?
Our Cumforter is still a work in progress; I want to make sure we have a product I love before releasing it to customers. I am eager to continue collaborating with other sex-positive businesses, and I look forward to supporting each other as we work to bring positivity and quality products to our customers.

IN MY BEDROOM – Cumpanion Review

We received another lovely review from overseas! The gorgeous and funny @mijnslaapkamer  Morgan has made us blush and warmed our hearts with her Cumpanion Sex Towel review. Below is an excerpt – Please follow her Twitter and Blog you won’t regret it!


The Cumpanion – byAnnaRae.com 

(Read her full review here!!)

“Conclusion; Well, what else can I say about this after this review? I am just very enthusiastic. We often have sex and then in the end just before he comes he can get a condom, because I just do not feel like OR to refresh and wash after sex, OR with a t-shirt between my legs asleep to fall. Sometimes I just want to turn around and sleep! I must honestly say that with the Cumpanion this is a lesser disturbance factor. It is so soft that it is quite pleasant to have between your legs. This sounds a bit strange, but you know what I mean. But as mentioned earlier, those annoying wet spots in the bed, for example after oral sex (yeah, your partner sometimes drools a little, p haha) are a thing of the past, and that’s really nice.”

AnnaRae Cuddle Bean | After care review by Jay

My dear friend, Jay, in The Netherlands, was gracious to review our Cuddle Bean sex towel. A fellow sex-positive friend, I was delighted to receive an account of his experience and opinion of the Cuddle Bean sex towel. Below is just an excerpt from his thorough and well-written review of our smaller sex towel. Please read his full review here and follow him @Jay_tesst on Twitter for fantastic reviews of more adult products.

Cuddle Bean by Jay

Cuddle Bean by AnnaRae

“Well, maybe the Cuddle Bean, as said a smaller version of the Cumpanion, but in its smaller size certainly not less convenient. Soft, so soft, and absorbent, and whatever is important, nice to see.

The Cuddle Bean is made of soft, fluffy microfiber, so do not think you have a standard microfibre cloth in your hands, no, it’s as nice in English as “Opulent”, a great word, that in Dutch translation “luxuriant”.

But that translation does not honor the feeling of the Cuddle Bean, where you normally after masturbating (or during masturbation) or the sex “take a nap” is the Cuddle Bean so amazingly soft that you actually without disturbing sensations, can clean up what needs to be cleaned up and still be sexy and sensual.

Although the Cuddle Bean is a lot smaller than the Cumpanion, the Cuddle Bean also really absorbs a huge amount of moisture. And that is not only limited to body fluid (really, who ever invented that word, iew) or standard water-based lubricant. The Cuddle Bean is so powerful that silicone lubricant, Crisco, coconut oil, you name it, can be removed with ease, and above all, sensually.”


Please read his full review here


Before, we used towels to clean ourselves after sex. The so-called “guest towels” (30x50cm) have been within reach most of the times. But these towels are made for the hands. The expression in Germany is “Handtuch”,  it contains the word Hand=hand and Tuch=towel/cloth. The purpose is obvious, even by the name. This makes the Cumpanion aftercare towel and the cuddle bean aftercare towel unique. They are made for only one purpose, love, and sex. Therefore, I name them “”Liebestuch”, Liebe=love and Tuch=towel/cloth. The standard cotton towels can be a little bit rough, especially after drying in the air. But the towels of AnnaRae are soft. The perfect fabric for your most sensitive areas.

Is it necessary to own such towels?

I think it is like the difference of underwear and lingerie. Same purpose but different concept. Everyone likes a well-prepared environment and atmosphere. And the Cumpanion and the Cuddle Bean are a part of that, like the cherry on the cake. So the answer is YES.

Which size is the right size?

If you can keep “the mess” locally limited, then the cuddle bean is large enough. But when lubricants are involved or when larger areas have to be cleaned, the Cumpanion is a better choice.

Thanks again for inventing this product.

Kegal Balls

Guest Blog – Which are the Best Kegal Balls? 

With loads of Kegal Balls on the market to choose from, how do you narrow down your choices? Back in January, our friends over at Peaches & Screams put together a fun, comprehensive guide to help you find just the right Kegal Balls. 

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January 18, 2018


Kegel exercises are always recommended for women to increase the pelvic floor muscle strength. As a young person, exercising the pelvic floor muscles may seem like a waste of time but strong pelvic floor muscles have a myriad of benefits later on in life. Some of the benefits include; increased bladder control, reduced risk of prolapsed uterus, increased vaginal tightness during intercourse and decreased urinary urgency.

While you can train the pelvic floor muscles without any added weights, the weights make the effects noticeable within a shorter period of time. Kegel balls are created to help you strengthen the muscles and for beginners the balls may seem like such an odd way to strengthen the muscles. However, the process is even enjoyable, and sometimes even orgasmic. Here are some points worth noting when it comes to choosing the best kegel balls for you;


Kegel balls come in two options, the single ball or the double ball option. The single ball is easier to insert, making it very ideal for first timers. Even though the double ball can be used by beginners, the sensations sometimes are too foreign and therefore harder to get used to. If you can handle the double ball option, go for it by any means possible. However, if you are planning to start out slow, the single ball option is definitely the right choice for you.


Kegel balls do not have much variation in sizes, but there are some basics that allow you to choose the ones that are the right fit for you. When you are starting out, larger balls are recommended as they are easier to use. Once you feel that the regular ones are getting easier to use, get a smaller size. It is always a common rule that the larger balls should be used by women who have children while the smaller sizes are for those who haven’t had kids yet. Always ensure that the weight is just right for you.


Instead of buying a new set of kegel balls every time you need to increase the weight of your balls, there is an option of getting an interchangeable set. This type of setup features an outer shell that holds the balls. Once you feel the need to increase the weight, just remove the current ball and pop in the next one. This allows you to have an all-in-one kit that allows you to progress continuously. However, there is always a high chance that fluids will get into the shell, so with this set always ensure that you have a regular cleaning procedure to avoid any bacterial from festering within the shell. This will ensure that you do not end up contracting unwanted infections.


As you are starting out, the lighter weights are the best choice. However, progression requires that you increase the weight as the previous ones become too easy. Choosing the right weight is a very important part of getting the best kegel balls for you. While some may start out with slightly heavier kegel balls, it is never a competition so always ensure that you choose something that is perfect for you.


The material composition of kegel balls vary. There are glass kegel balls. They are effective but easily slip out, so always ensure that you have something to hold it as it falls or use it in a position that will discourage it from slipping out. Silicone and rubber kegels balls are the other common options. These kegel balls are easier to use and great for beginners. However, always ensure that you choose a material that is body safe. The material composition of the string is also important. This ensures that you can pull out the kegel balls anytime without the string snapping off.


Visual appeal counts for a lot when it comes to choosing the kegel balls of your choice. Always ensure that you pick a color that will have you reaching for the kegel balls more often than not. The beauty of the balls to you enables you to like the toys even more and this makes them the best choice for you.

Shop for your perfect Kegel Balls here.

Why Microfiber?

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This isn’t a topic a lot of people spend a lot of time contemplating, we admit. Honestly, on the surface it’s not near as important as condom vs. no condom, ball gag vs. no ball gag, or Obama vs. Trump, but if you are a sexual enthusiast (like we are!), it’s worth reading on and discovering that there are a couple of notable differences that you should consider when purchasing aftercare towels.

Is microfiber safe on your sensitive bits?

Microfiber cloth is made of the same synthetic material that much of our clothing is made of: polyester blend fabric. This material has been proven safe for decades as a skin contact safe material used in the textile industry, and as such is perfectly safe for use as an after sex clean up towel. In fact, it’s unique ultra absorbent qualities make it especially suited for cleaning up the naughty messes we love to make!

Our choice at AnnaRae to use microfiber material for our sex clean up towels was a careful and thoughtful decision. We refuse to sell a product we don’t use and love on a daily basis. We have provided both some technical details below as well as some general information. Be sure and check out the graphics at the bottom of the post for visual reference as well as the fact check links.


  1. Is breathable, gentle enough that it won’t scratch surfaces and very inexpensive to purchase
  2. Pushes dirt and debris rather than picking it up; this is largely due to the shape of the individual organic fibers
  3. Is made of organic materials that can harbor odor or bacteria; harsh disinfectants must be used to properly clean cotton fiber cloths
  4. Requires a break-in period to disperse the cottonseed oil and achieve its maximum softness. The cottonseed oil is then slowly stripped away via the laundering process, resulting in the rough texture that well-used cotton towels are known for
  5. Dries slowly, requiring greater energy and time
  6. Leaves lint behind
  7. Is better on rough surfaces that would damage a microfiber cloth


  1. Is highly absorbent (it can hold up to seven times its weight in water)
  2. Is effective at actually picking up and removing soil from a surface
  3. It has a long lifespan when properly used and maintained
  4. Is lint-free
  5. Has the following health care benefits:
  • A study by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency found that extremely fine (.38 micrometer diameter) microfiber removes up to 98 percent of bacteria and 93 percent of viruses from a surface using only water. Cotton, on the other hand, removes only 30 percent of bacteria and 23 percent of viruses.
  • “Microfiber is most effective at removing germs and bacteria when you’re disinfecting,” says Jonathan Cooper, director of environmental and linen services at Orlando Health Central Hospital, Ocoee, Florida. “We’ve done ATP tests with both microfiber and cotton and we verified we were doing a much better removal of bacterial with microfiber.”  Cooper says the hospital has seen a reduction in its overall infection rates since it dumped cotton in favor of microfiber products four years ago.

What is microfiber?


Microfiber is a made from spun polyester polymer (plastic) material via a process that produces individual strands that are approximately 10 times smaller in diameter than an average human hair. The average human hair is about 0.004 inches in diameter, while the average diameter of a microfiber strand used in the production of the fabric used in AnnaRae products is approximately 0.0003 inches. By comparison, the diameter of high-quality cotton fiber averages approximately 0.0009 inches or 3X that of microfiber.

From a technical industry-speak perspective, the term “microfiber” refers to any fiber that is smaller than 1.0 denier, and a denier is the textile unit of measure where 9000 meters of a fiber weighs 1 gram. A single strand of silk that is 9000 meters long weighs very close to 1 gram, and microfiber weighs less than that!
The microfiber fabric that AnnaRae uses for the production of our aftercare towels is made from an 80% polyester 20% polyamide (nylon) blend that is 100% microfiber with no cellulose fiber include.
Why is it superior to other fabrics?

Microfiber is more absorbent per unit weight of fabric than any natural fiber. Microfiber can absorb up to 8X its weight in a liquid due to the increased surface area created by the shape of the fiber itself. 


Fact Check Links:


Darrel Hicks, industry consultant and author of Infection Prevention for Dummies

Marita Nash, director of environmental services and linen at Hunterdon Medical Center in Flemington, New Jersey


“If At First

You Don’t Succeed…YOU’RE NORMAL!”



Anna B. Founder and owner of AnnaRae

Hello! My name is Anna and this is my second attempt at blogging. My first try was seven years ago and focused on food, crafting and all things “mommy.” The blog was a constant struggle and failed to help me find satisfaction in my day to day life. I constantly compared my blogging efforts to the dozens of blogs my girlfriends maintained, felt myself falling woefully short of their fun and creative posts. I gave up after a miserable two years.

Don’t misunderstand me, I LOVE my life, my spouse who supports and makes me laugh, and the highs and lows motherhood brings. While I enjoy baking and cooking, occasionally creating a crafty wreath and making homemade Play-doh…these things are not all I am, they are not all that defines me.

In the past year, I have launched a business (AnnaRae), gained a clearer sense of who I want to be and the confidence to step forward and become that woman. I have a new support system and an amazing, positive sister who pushes me to be better.

This blog will be nothing like my first…okay, there might be a recipe or two but being a foodie, I can’t help but share sexy drinks or an occasional recipe to leave your taste buds drooling. Here you will find, information on my business and products, sex toys, guest blogs from fellow sex-positive people within our community, links to naughty events, and more.

So, be my cumpanion and join me on this sexy, adventure! Afterall, life’s too short not to be naughty!