“If At First

You Don’t Succeed…YOU’RE NORMAL!”



Anna B. Founder and owner of AnnaRae

Hello! My name is Anna and this is my second attempt at blogging. My first try was seven years ago and focused on food, crafting and all things “mommy.” The blog was a constant struggle and failed to help me find satisfaction in my day to day life. I constantly compared my blogging efforts to the dozens of blogs my girlfriends maintained, felt myself falling woefully short of their fun and creative posts. I gave up after a miserable two years.

Don’t misunderstand me, I LOVE my life, my spouse who supports and makes me laugh, and the highs and lows motherhood brings. While I enjoy baking and cooking, occasionally creating a crafty wreath and making homemade Play-doh…these things are not all I am, they are not all that defines me.

In the past year, I have launched a business (AnnaRae), gained a clearer sense of who I want to be and the confidence to step forward and become that woman. I have a new support system and an amazing, positive sister who pushes me to be better.

This blog will be nothing like my first…okay, there might be a recipe or two but being a foodie, I can’t help but share sexy drinks or an occasional recipe to leave your taste buds drooling. Here you will find, information on my business and products, sex toys, guest blogs from fellow sex-positive people within our community, links to naughty events, and more.

So, be my cumpanion and join me on this sexy, adventure! Afterall, life’s too short not to be naughty!


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