Before, we used towels to clean ourselves after sex. The so-called “guest towels” (30x50cm) have been within reach most of the times. But these towels are made for the hands. The expression in Germany is “Handtuch”,  it contains the word Hand=hand and Tuch=towel/cloth. The purpose is obvious, even by the name. This makes the Cumpanion aftercare towel and the cuddle bean aftercare towel unique. They are made for only one purpose, love, and sex. Therefore, I name them “”Liebestuch”, Liebe=love and Tuch=towel/cloth. The standard cotton towels can be a little bit rough, especially after drying in the air. But the towels of AnnaRae are soft. The perfect fabric for your most sensitive areas.

Is it necessary to own such towels?

I think it is like the difference of underwear and lingerie. Same purpose but different concept. Everyone likes a well-prepared environment and atmosphere. And the Cumpanion and the Cuddle Bean are a part of that, like the cherry on the cake. So the answer is YES.

Which size is the right size?

If you can keep “the mess” locally limited, then the cuddle bean is large enough. But when lubricants are involved or when larger areas have to be cleaned, the Cumpanion is a better choice.

Thanks again for inventing this product.

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