AnnaRae Cuddle Bean | After care review by Jay

My dear friend, Jay, in The Netherlands, was gracious to review our Cuddle Bean sex towel. A fellow sex-positive friend, I was delighted to receive an account of his experience and opinion of the Cuddle Bean sex towel. Below is just an excerpt from his thorough and well-written review of our smaller sex towel. Please read his full review here and follow him @Jay_tesst on Twitter for fantastic reviews of more adult products.

Cuddle Bean by Jay

Cuddle Bean by AnnaRae

“Well, maybe the Cuddle Bean, as said a smaller version of the Cumpanion, but in its smaller size certainly not less convenient. Soft, so soft, and absorbent, and whatever is important, nice to see.

The Cuddle Bean is made of soft, fluffy microfiber, so do not think you have a standard microfibre cloth in your hands, no, it’s as nice in English as “Opulent”, a great word, that in Dutch translation “luxuriant”.

But that translation does not honor the feeling of the Cuddle Bean, where you normally after masturbating (or during masturbation) or the sex “take a nap” is the Cuddle Bean so amazingly soft that you actually without disturbing sensations, can clean up what needs to be cleaned up and still be sexy and sensual.

Although the Cuddle Bean is a lot smaller than the Cumpanion, the Cuddle Bean also really absorbs a huge amount of moisture. And that is not only limited to body fluid (really, who ever invented that word, iew) or standard water-based lubricant. The Cuddle Bean is so powerful that silicone lubricant, Crisco, coconut oil, you name it, can be removed with ease, and above all, sensually.”


Please read his full review here

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