IN MY BEDROOM – Cumpanion Review

We received another lovely review from overseas! The gorgeous and funny @mijnslaapkamer  Morgan has made us blush and warmed our hearts with her Cumpanion Sex Towel review. Below is an excerpt – Please follow her Twitter and Blog you won’t regret it!


The Cumpanion – 

(Read her full review here!!)

“Conclusion; Well, what else can I say about this after this review? I am just very enthusiastic. We often have sex and then in the end just before he comes he can get a condom, because I just do not feel like OR to refresh and wash after sex, OR with a t-shirt between my legs asleep to fall. Sometimes I just want to turn around and sleep! I must honestly say that with the Cumpanion this is a lesser disturbance factor. It is so soft that it is quite pleasant to have between your legs. This sounds a bit strange, but you know what I mean. But as mentioned earlier, those annoying wet spots in the bed, for example after oral sex (yeah, your partner sometimes drools a little, p haha) are a thing of the past, and that’s really nice.”

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